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China's economic data is improving, titanium dioxide exports hit a new high, and the market price is stable and bullish

China is the only major economy that has sustained a strong rebound in the economic recession triggered by the new crown pneumonia epidemic. The latest data highlights China's global economic status. As the second largest economy in the world, China has become the only major economy that is expected to achieve growth this year.

The relationship between titanium dioxide pigment performance and application performance in water-based coatings

Firstly, the water-based paint formula and pigment system concentration for scientifically characterizing the application performance of titanium dioxide were determined. On this basis, the influence of titanium dioxide's tinting power, brightness and dispersion on its application performance opacity, gloss and weather resistance was systematically analyzed. , The results show that the higher the color reduction power, brightness and dispersibility of titanium dioxide, the better the gloss and hiding power of the corresponding water-based paint film, but the weather resistance has little effect.

The integration of the titanium dioxide industry accelerates the enterprise to enter a benign development track

Right now, the titanium dioxide industry is ushering in a peak sales season, stimulated by downstream demand, international giants have raised prices. Recently, the international titanium dioxide giant DuPont announced that it will increase the price of titanium dioxide by about 5% from April 15. At the same time, Huntsman of the United States will also increase the price of titanium dioxide by 150 euros per ton from April 1.

Titanium dioxide market is worth looking forward to in March

In February, the market price of titanium dioxide can be said to have caught the end of the month, and most manufacturers announced an increase of about 500 yuan/ton. As manufacturers in Guangxi, Jiangxi, Shandong, Jiangsu, Anhui and other regions resume production one after another, the shortage of market spot may be eased.

Development Trend of Titanium Dioxide Production Technology in my country

At this stage, compared with the foreign level, my country's titanium dioxide production technology still has many gaps, such as backward production technology, small production scale, low product quality, and unstable product quality. In terms of product quality, foreign countries mainly use rutile-type titanium dioxide with excellent optical properties and excellent hiding power, color reducing power and weather resistance. Among them, rutile-type titanium dioxide with surface treatment is mostly used, and there are various special titanium dioxide products. . Domestic sulfuric acid titanium dioxide is mainly anatase products, most of which have not undergone surface treatment, and there are very few special products. At this stage, the development trend of my country's titanium dioxide production technology:
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